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10 benefits of having a water softener

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Few homeowners realise how hard water is affecting their home until they install a water softener. There are many benefits to having a water softener installed, such as a prolonged life for your appliances, softer skin and less time cleaning limescale off your appliances and bathroom.

What is a water softener?

Before water comes into your home, it is collected and stored, in doing so, it picks up minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The water then becomes known as hard water. These minerals are not harmful to your health, but they can cause problems in your home. A water softener works to treat hard water by removing the minerals that cause damage.

How do you know if you have hard water? 

The hard water that comes into your house through your main water supply contains minerals such as lime and chalk which cause scale to form on surfaces.

If you have excessive hard water coming into your home, you may see significant watermarks or chalk build up on household items such as dishes, appliances, sinks and showers. You may also find your skin is itchy or dry and your water tastes or smells wrong. These are all signs that you need a water softener installed in your home.

What are the benefits of a water softener?

Here are 10 benefits of having a water softener installed in your home.

1. Softens and improves your water

In hard water the minerals can cloud the purity causing it to taste like chalk or chemicals and appear cloudy. Removing these minerals causes the water to taste cleaner without a bad taste or smell.

2. Save money year on year

Although installing a water softener has an initial cost, having softer water in your home will save you money over time. Hard water can cause damage to your appliances and plumbing by the pipes filling with limescale and causing blockages, resulting in higher energy and maintenance bills.

3. Longer life span on household appliances

Hard water causes limescale build ups in your appliances, which means they will be prone to breaking or having to work harder resulting in high-cost energy bills.

4. More efficient heating systems

Hard water causes limescale build ups in your appliances, which means they will be prone to breaking or having to work harder, increasing your energy bills.

5. Environmentally friendly

Hard water causes limescale build up in pipes, which results in higher energy consumption. Installing a water softener can reduce this energy consumption. It can also reduce the amount of cleaning products and washing detergents used, meaning less usage of harmful chemicals.

6. Limescale free showers

Limescale not only looks awful but it can feel awful too. Hard water leaves residue of minerals on surfaces in the shower and on tapes, which can then fall onto your skin when washing. Installing a water softener can reduce the limescale meaning you can wash in peace!

7. Improved skin and haircare

Softer water means softer skin and hair. The minerals in hard water remove the skin’s natural oils and leave it feeling dry. A benefit of installing a water softener is it helps balance the pH level, meaning your skin and hair hold more of the essential oils and moisture.

8. Softer, cleaner and whiter laundry

Over time hard water can leave deposits of minerals on your clothes, which can fade colours and stain whites. Having softer water reduces these minerals in the wash and limescale build up in the appliances.

9. Less need for cleaning products

Softer water creates more lather when washing or cleaning. This means overall, when your water if softer, you use less cleaning products for the same tasks. The reduction in limescale also cuts down cleaning time; less time cleaning, more time relaxing!

10. Improves washing your car

Hard water can leave behind a residue on your car when you wash it. This can mean your car never looks completely clean when you have spent ages cleaning it! Softer water creates more soap lather making it easier to clean your car and won’t leave marks caused by excess minerals.

How do you install a water softener?

At Lazard, our reliable team of plumbers are fully qualified to install your water softening system. There is no hidden pricing, we will quote everything right at the start, and make sure we tidy up once we’ve finished the job.

You can expect a prompt and professional service every time, with the work carried out by our friendly and reliable team. All works completed by us are covered under our 24-month guarantee, so if anything goes wrong within a year, we’ll be back to put it right.

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