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Moving home? Read our plumbers’ top tips

Moving home? Read our plumbers’ top tips | Lazard Plumbing

Stay safe and save money – make plumbing checks in your new home

Moving to a new house can be an extremely stressful time. Amongst surveys, solicitors and stamp duty, its important you ensure the plumbing and heating of your new home is up to scratch. It’s easy to ignore any pluming issues as an unwanted expense, however, acting up front will save money and major hassles in the long run.

The previous owners of your home may not have had their plumbing systems checked in years. Plumbing systems that have not been well maintained become damaged easily, this can cause issue such as leaks which can cause severe damage to your home, including mould. Here is our plumbers’ checklist for your new home. If any of these problems occur we recommend contacting a qualified plumber as soon as possible.

Find out the date of the last boiler servicing

The estate agent or solicitor should be able to source this for you. Get a copy of any related paperwork, even if the boiler has been checked within the last 12 months, it’s a good idea to book a visit from a Gas Registered plumber.  Also ensure you get the paperwork for the installation/purchase of the boiler to see whether the manufactures warranty is still valid.

Find the internal stop tap and gas shut off valve

Probably one of the most important checks to be made when moving in to a new home. Avoid any disasters by finding out where your water and gas supply comes into your home – you may need to turn them off in an emergency.

Look out for leaky taps and toilets

Leaky taps, toilets and radiators will not only cost you money but are extremely annoying and if left can cause long term issues. Any leaks may also be a sign of low water pressure. Check your toilet, taps and radiators, if they are making a funny noise or you can see water damage, contact a plumber who will diagnose the issue.

Check gas appliances

Faulty gas appliances are dangerous as they could cause a carbon monoxide leak. If there are any gas appliances in your new home, such as gas ovens, hobs, or radiators, its important you get to know more Gabout our Gas Safe engineers and have them check safety and other precautions, as well as make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Check to see if your home has lead pipes

Lead piping is no longer used in new water pipes as lead can cause harm to human bodies at high exposure. If your home was built before 1970’s, it’s worth checking your piping or contacting a plumber to do so.

Look to see if you have an outside tap

If your new home has outside space, then check to see if an outside tap has been installed. If you want an external tap, it’s worth getting one installed by a professional plumber.

Check all your pipes are insulated

During the winter months, it’s common for pipes to freeze up. When moving into a new home, check that your pipes have been lagged and are protected from cold weather such as rain, snow and ice. You should also ensure that your hot water tank is properly insulated.

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