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Plumbing for Home Renovations

Two people looking at house renovation plans in Essex

Planning and executing a home renovation is a significant undertaking. While you may have thought about the space you want to create, you may not have put as much thought into the plumbing work required.

Whether you need a radiator replacement in your rooms, or your new kitchen needs a dishwasher installation, your waterworks will need to keep up with your changing home. If you’re extending your property, or even just tinkering with the layout, the advice of a reliable, residential plumbing technician will be essential to the smooth running of your project. Kitchen sink design ideas can come from everywhere and will add style to the project.

Getting the right advice before you start your project could also prevent post-renovation regret, so you don’t realise that your plumbing needed a little more thought when it’s already too late. Lazard have taken on hundreds of home renovations as highly rated plumbing experts. Here are a few top reasons why choosing the right plumber will make or break your home renovation.

Planning your home renovation

Plumbing shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should be taken in hand early. By reviewing the work in the beginning stages, Lazard Plumbing identify what needs doing for your new space to function efficiently. Plus, we can make suggestions to make your plumbing more eco-friendly and more economical to run, or more convenient and comfortable. Taking this proactive approach allows for the plumbing work to be factored into the budget from the get-go.

At Lazard Plumbing, we offer free surveys and quotations and promise to price match other quotes you may have received. We also offer finance options if you need to spread the cost of your new water system.

If you’re a fellow building and construction professional on the lookout for a plumbing partner to collaborate with you on building and construction projects, contact Lazard Plumbing today!

Project management for building work

With the right prior planning, plumbing repairs or installations can be attended to at the most optimum points of the project to minimise disruption – something that is especially important if you’re going to be living in the property while the works take place.

We always take your living arrangements into account to accommodate your needs while the project is underway.

By planning the adaptation and addition of plumbing work alongside other building work, we can complete the plumbing as the rest of the work is being done. After all, you don’t want to lay a lovely new floor and then decide that you’d like underfloor heating; or decide that you’d like a sink in your new kitchen island when it’s too late. By liaising directly with other tradespeople involved with your home renovation we will ensure that it is effectively managed and streamlined.

When you include the plumbing requirements of your renovation in the early design stages, we can also plan to cleverly conceal pipes and other work into other build features to make the most of the space. This will give you the cleanest, tidiest look for your renovated rooms.

Ongoing support

Most people don’t put much thought into the pipes in their floors and walls until something goes wrong.

In the unlikely event that your plumbing later develops a fault, we will be there to put it right. All of our plumbing works come with a 2-year warranty because we stand by the quality of our work.

We offer affordable options for plumbing cover with Lazard Membership, so your waterworks can enjoy continuity of care for as long as you live in your property. We also offer HomePro cover, which means in the unlikely event that we cease trading and are unable to honour our guarantee you are protected.

Inclusive service with Lazard Plumbing

We do everything we can to make your experience of our service as harmonious and stress-free as possible. Where necessary, our service includes boiler removal and installation, underfloor heating installation, bathroom install, kitchen water works, and heating solutions.

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Whether your home is in need of a plumber for home renovations, plumbing, underfloor heating, gas boiler installation and central heating, power flushing or bathroom refurbs, we can help.

For complete peace of mind home plumbing solutions in Hornchurch, Essex and surrounding areas, contact our friendly team on 01708 502 346 or get a custom quote.

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