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annual cover plan

Lazard membership

An annual cover plan offering our members benefits, priority and dedicated access to our services.

for less than £1.35 per week!

membership options

  • lazard membership £70/yr

    all the standard perks

  • lazard membership + annual boiler service £110/yr

    all the standard perks plus an annual boiler service

  • lazard membership + gas safety certificate £110/yr

    all the standard perks plus a Gas Safety certificate

  • full lazard membership £125/yr

    all the standard perks plus an annual boiler service and a Gas Safety certificate

select your membership package

Please note: Currently, we are only able to offer our memberships to properties within the RM1 – RM20 postal areas. We hope to be able to extend this area soon. If your property is outside of this area and you are interested in our cover plans, please contact us.

why join?

Become a member of the Lazard Annual Cover for just £70 a year to enjoy exclusive deals and guaranteed emergency response.

We’ll take care of all your plumbing work and be on call if you need us in an emergency. So you can get back to family life.

Every membership starts with a FREE 360 Degree Assessment of your home’s plumbing where a technician will investigate the condition of your current plumbing setup and provide recommendations on making your home more energy efficient, which means you’ll save on your energy bills and reduce the risk your boiler breaking down too.

Lazard Annual Cover is an exclusive service that offers members priority access to all our plumbing services – with 5% discount on everything. Plus, members get access to our dedicated emergency line, so you’ll be guaranteed a response from one of our top-rated technicians in as little as 2 hours should something go wrong with your plumbing or heating at home.

receive all these perks for only £70 per year!

360 degree assessment

this assessment will outline the condition of all your plumbing work and mitigate the possible risks and leaks

2 hour emergency call out

call outs include gas and water leaks, flooding or burst pipes and anything dangerous related to plumbing, heating or gas

5% discounts

across all works and services

job priority

receive job priority across all services, even if it isn't an emergency

exclusive news

be the first to find out about other services Lazard Plumbing are offering in your area

lifetime warranty

on power flushing for as long as you are a member