Lazard Membership Terms and Conditions

Lazard Plumbing Power Flush

Over time, gas central heating systems build up sludge that can block or narrow your pipes, radiators and boiler parts. We will tell you if your system needs a power flush to work correctly.

Lazard Plumbing power flush is our way of removing that sludge from your system. A machine is connected to the central heating system that will push efficient chemicals to clean your boiler, pipes and radiators thoroughly, while the dirty water will be replaced with clean water, with a chemical inhibitor added to prevent future build-up. Each radiator is isolated and individually flushed too for an in-depth, precise clean.

Lazard Plumbing Power Flush comes with five years warranty for non-members and a lifetime warranty for as long as you are a member. This warranty is valid as long as the boiler is serviced yearly, and the correct amount of inhibitor is added to the system. This condition is valid only for power-flushed done after the membership started. If the membership is cancelled, the power flushes lifetime warranty is cancelled as well. If the membership is cancelled, you will still be covered by the 5 years warranty for the power flush as long as the boiler is serviced yearly, and the correct amount of inhibitor is added to the system.

Guaranteed 2 hours Emergency Response

With the Lazard membership we will come out in 2 hours to assess the problem and make the situation safe. This service is only available for gas leaks, water leaks where the supply cannot be isolated, Flooding/burst pipes, anything potentially dangerous or life-threatening related to plumbing, heating or gas.


Priority Jobs for Members

We will priorities jobs for members depending on emergency and availability. We do not have control over external factors that may prolong this arrival time, such as bad weather conditions.

Lazard Members Service Discounts

All members receive a 10% discount across all services. Call out charges will apply to all clients, including Lazard members at a discounted rate.

360 Degree Home Plumbing Assessment

If your product includes a 360-degree assessment, it is usually carried out in the first 30 days of you taking out the product or changing address. If your product consists of a 360-degree assessment and a boiler service, they will be done in the same visit. The assessment is only done once for the duration of the membership.

During the 360-degree assessment visit, our engineer will fill in a checklist that shows you exactly what we’ve looked at. If we find a problem or fault that needs to be fixed, we’ll advise about it.

Annual Boiler Service and Gas Safety Checks

The Standard Lazard Membership does not come with an annual boiler service and/or a gas safety check The annual boiler service or a gas safety check can be added to the membership when you choose our BOILER PLUS, GAS PLUS or PREMIUM package.

General conditions

Prices and Price Changes

The price won’t go up or down over the period of the agreement unless you change your agreement, or the Government changes the relevant tax rate. We’ll always write to tell you about any change to your price.


Payments will be taken by direct debit set up by yourself at the time of signing up. All our prices include the relevant taxes at the current rate.


We’ll write to you or send you an email at least 15 days before your agreement is due for renewal. If you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll keep renewing your agreement automatically, until you ask us to stop.

You acknowledge and agree that Lazard Property Solutions Limited may act on your behalf to arrange and administer your agreement’s renewal. Details of any charge for this activity will be included in your renewal letter.

Multiple Addresses

The membership is valid per person and per property. If the member has multiple addresses, she/he will have to sign up for each property in order to claim all the benefits. Only the service discounts and priority jobs will be able transferable to multiple properties owned by the
same member.

Data Protection

By signing up to Lazard Membership, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy. You can read our Privacy Policy here: